Spirt 4 My Sport Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I buy Spirit 4 My Sport products from my spirit wear distributor?

A: We are happy to work with your existing spirit wear vender. Spirit wear companies are always looking to offer new unique products. Many of our products are patented and not available anywhere else. Have them contact us to incorporate our products into your existing offerings.

Q: Are your products washable?

A: Yes, however all have different care requirements. Refer to each product for specific instructions.

Q: How does our association make money?

A: You save money when ordering Spirit 4 My Sport in bulk. We work with you to provide product, set prices and create online order forms. Contact us to get started.

Q: What are the quantity requirements for your products?

A: We have no minimum order requirements. Please Contact us for bulk pricing information.

Q: Do you have setup fees?

A: No.

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