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Why Spirit 4 My Sport

We're non traditional.  We work closely with youth sports associations, schools, coaches and parents to deliver the best in personalized spiritwear. And because we manufacture many of our own products, you can’t get them anywhere else!

We've been around. We've worked over 250 Youth associations nationwide and in Canada, and been on site at over 1000 youth tournaments since 2005. We've earned our chops. We know what the customer wants.

Easy to work with. We're very aware that the associations we work with are volunteers. We try to make the process as seamless with as little work possible for the volunteers.

Fast Shipping. An all too common issue with standard apparel distributers is it takes FOREVER to receive their spiritwear. It's not uncommon to hear stories of apparel being delivered mid season or worse after the season. This happens because the majority of spiritwear companies order their products to be printed all at the same time leaving the order timeline up to third party decorators that are back logged up to 6 weeks or more. Since we decorate our own apparel, we don't have to play by someones else's timeline. The vast majority of our products we make are delivered in 2 weeks or less. 

We Give Back. Since 2005 Spirit 4 My Sport along with our sister company Airbrushed Hats has donated back over $300,000 to youth associations all over the USA.

Below is a list of some of the associations we have worked with.