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Q: Can I buy Spirit 4 My Sport products from my spirit wear distributor?

A: No. Many of our products are proprietary to us. It allows us to give more in terms of fundraising and team discounts to the associations, schools and other organizations we work with

Q: Are your products washable?

A: Yes, however all have different care requirements. For most apparel we suggest washing in cold water, mild detergent, no bleach and hang dry.

Q. How can we get your company to show up on site at out event?

A. Contact us for availability. We get far more requests than we can fulfill. However we can still make our products available for your tournament via our pre order shopping cart. It's super easy!

Q: How does our association make money?

A: You save money when ordering Spirit 4 My Sport in bulk. We can set up an online shopping cart for simple ordering.  It’s easy!  Contact us to get started.

Q: What are the quantity requirements for your products?

A: We have no minimum order requirements. Please Contact us for bulk pricing information.

Q: Do you have setup fees?

A: No.